Over the next 10 years, what social issues will Richmond need to address?

about 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

Are you concerned about homelessness, poverty or other social issues in the community?  Do you feel safe in your neighbourhoods?  Will gambling and other addictions increase?  How will growth and development in the City affect quality of life?  Will affordable housing be available?

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  • Bernie almost 10 years ago
    In reading the overview regarding Social issues, one thing shocked me - the total lack of reference to "people with disabilities" - shame on the person who wrote it. There are a number of issues that need to be addressed for people in this population group. The need for accessible & affordable housing as well as the need for sufficient income to maintain a healthy diet and cover the cost of maintaining assistive equipment for everyday life, to name just two. I will make sure we discuss this issue at the next RCD meeting - and bring to your attention additional items to add to this list. General population needs apply equally to PWDs, but some requirements may apply to this population more than others.
  • seniorC almost 10 years ago
    THe questions here and in the printed survey reflect a "fixed" attitude that growth will continue in Richmond and that we must make plans to accommodate this growth. It is apparent that we all work within limits;increased building of homes and apartment complexes seems to indicate no thought being given to limiting growth, or at least the rate of growth; in other words, we are forced to plan for sustainability with an ever-increasing population because we accept "free market development".Is this what we want? Is an increase in our population (growth)what is needed in order to keep Richmond a desirable place to live? Is "growth" a necessary element of "sustainability"?
  • Michael almost 10 years ago
    Richmond is a community of families that need support and assitance navigating the "challenges" of family and community life. This goes beyond recreational facilties and physical health. Richmond must advocate for funds to adress these issues relative to us in the community not some social cause that minimally effects us here
  • Olga almost 10 years ago
    The unsustainable growth of the city will create multiple problems in the future. New OCP plans for the increase in the population in the City Centre *3 times but only plans for the increase in the number of the jobs *2 times, that will make finding job harder, more people will have to drive to work, no major parks or recreational facilities in the City Center will also force people to drive to reach them in other parts of the town, there are no school planned in the City Center to support this growth ether, we already do not have enough family doctors that accept new patients etc. It is obvious that OCP was created under the pressure of the pro-development forces, before the recession, and now it has to be revised or at least the system of the checkpoints hase to be implemented when after addition, let say, 10,000 new people the services/infrastructure have to be checked for capacity - if there is still any land for the parks and schools is avail. to accommodate the growth further.
  • Norm almost 10 years ago
    what are Social Issues? The matters of concern when people interact or choose not to interact with one another. In Richmond how are people interacting, along what lines and with whom, under what circumstances, where and how? What is working well and what is not working so well? Social Issues - a very complicated topic. across a walks of life all cultures and communities and all economic standings. Much to think about.