How can Richmond residents contribute to making Richmond a safer place?

almost 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

Are there places in Richmond where you feel safe and harm would not come to you?  Are there places in Richmond where you feel that  injury, harm or crime could occur?  Where are these places?  What steps can be taken to ensure Richmond is a safe community?   What programs or services could be provided to prevent harm and crime in our community?

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  • dewhalen over 9 years ago
    I believe that if women feel safe in Richmond then it is safe for everyone. But women have to be careful all the time and we take precautions that men don't even have to think about. For example, when walking at night or in a park we go with a friend or at least a doggie friend. When parking we park under a street light and try to avoid parkades that have dead-ends or pillars that obstruct your view. Richmond could be safer if the City adopted an "eyes in the street" policy. This could mean a number of things such as: -adding/installing or mandating more lighting in public places, parks, parkades, shopping malls, roadways, alleys -denying parkade (or building) plans that have dead-ends, sight-blocking pillars, etc -encouraging more activity at street level (sidewalk cafes, buskers, art shows, community events) -providing escort services to cars/buses for people using public places- community centres, libaries, pools
  • AaronKwok over 9 years ago
    Block Watch. Its a program thats already in effect by the Richmond RCMP, and I'd encourage all neighborhoods to discuss about it and for the city to advocate. Grow-Op and Meth houses. This is something I fear the most in any neighborhood and unless the Provincial or Federal government would address the use of illegal substances effectively, the city must find a way to keep these houses out. Some cities have implemented a monitoring system of electrical and water use and I think thats a good place to start.
  • Benjamin Knight over 9 years ago
    I would just like to say In West Cambie, I FEEL EXTREMELY SAFE, Its a clean neighbourhood, its at the boarder of high and low density housing. To make a neighbourhood feel safer are lighting up the streets so people can walk at night safely. Creating new bus routes so people can travel more safe (which West Cambie is lacking). Creating new parks which attracts people (more eyes are watching) and makes the neighbourhood feel secure and beautiful(also West Cambie is lacking). And creating people attracting places, like libraries, community centres and community gardens, these will ensure a sense of security and brightens the neighbourhood. And make each commuinty feel like they aren't being forgotten by hosting events in the neighbourhood like parades and holiday celebrations at the neighbourhood shopping centre(also West Cambie is lacking) or even the simpilest things by using some of that public art funds to create art peices in the neighbourhood making each neighbourhood not soo far from the others.Neighbourhoods I feel scared and dangerous in is East Cambie, that place scares me to heck, not enough lights, the ditches still lie and the neighbourhood needs to be updated.
  • kosmicforces over 9 years ago
    I would feel safer when the RCMP act as a responsible police force, held accountable under the same cannon of law that applies to everyone. Currently their thuggish heavy handed attitude and their complete disregard for the motor-vehicle act coupled with the unprecedented privilege to investigate and consequently absolve themselves of any crime committed by members of their outfit is as much a threat to the public as any illegal activity conducted by any criminal or organized crime group. While I am not attempting to discredit the serious work conducted by the RCMP I also expect every police officer to set an example for the rest of society to follow and not to attempt to conceal incidents where police officers violate the mandate of law and their responsibilities. Examples of conduct unbefitting an officer are as follows: Lying under oath Using excessive use of force Causing serious bodily harm or death having first failed to use any means necessary to diffuse a situation Doing 70 on a 50 km zone (especially when returning from patrol to the station) Failing to stop at a red light Failing to indicate when turning Executing dangerous split S maneuvers in heavy traffic Driving bicycles on pedestrain walks Aggressive or antagonistic attitude towards members of the public Drawing a gun and pointing it when their is no visible threat to the officer nor any member of the public and when the suspect has exhibited no signs of body language that could be interpreted as threatening To those who will attempt to justify or excuse such actions on the bases of how dangerous a police officers work is I will only say that if any police officer feels the danger is too much they can simply resign from their posts. They knew well in advance the dangers or their profession and the responsibilities that lie with wielding the authority they have. Furthermore their is no excuse for bad tempers or ill-attitudes. Any police force that seeks to justify such actions by its members as paper-spraying babies, execution style killings of misbehaving citizens, drinking and driving, driving irresponsibly, responding to an emergency but failing to approach intersections in a cautious manner causing serious injury or death, and otherwise preaching the law but failing to abide by it, should have its values and mandate re-examined. We need a police force that is able to inspire and gain the trust of present and future generations not a police force that is the cause of national embarrassment.