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What do you think we should do to ensure that older adults are well informed about services available to them?

over 9 years ago

The City of Richmond's Older Adults Service Plan aims at "Ensuring olders adults are well informed about the services available to them."  It is important that residents know about programs and services which can benefit them.  What are some of the ways that this information can be communicated to older adults?

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  • Roberta over 9 years ago
    More free seniors programs and then lots of news letters announcing them , right now the few that we have are usually published in the local papers and most of us don't get the papers or can't read the small print. Maybe have some kind of flyers made up and somehow have them delivered , I don't know I just know that putting these announcements in the papers is not working. Also is there some way for a small fee that we could be picked up and then brought back as its very hard for some of us to get around !! I know that I as well as others seniors would love to go to maybe a BINGO GAME , or a PLAY , or just some sort of a social gathering but just can't get there.
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  • dewhalen over 9 years ago
    I agree with Roberta's comments-larger print and special pullouts in the local papers about activities would help. The Minoru Senior's Centre could also deliver large print flyers to seniors residences in Richmond. The City should ensure that the Minoru Senior's Centre has regular email communications with all the community social service agencies so they can then advertise to their members and clients. They should also be attending the Richmond Community Services Advisory Committee (RCSAC) and passing on information. Many of the community service agencies have programs for seniors (Richmond Women's Centre has a Grandmother's support group and a South Asian grandmother's literacy program). As well, if the City could advertise for free, the community service agencies events, services and programs they have for seniors, they could reach a larger audience than they are now.
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  • Michael over 9 years ago
    As an individual with an aging parent it is extermely important to reach that sector of caretakers. I have found that not having information that has been given to my mothermeans she misses out on serivces availble to her or activities the she would enjoy. Becoming a caregiver is a role reversal for me, and many others, and we are in my opinion, an important factor in the equation of service accessiblity and utilisation Michael
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