1. What is a Community Needs Assessment?

    A community needs assessment is a way of gathering information about a community’s opinions, needs, challenges, and assets used to determine which services and programs will meet the real needs of the community.

    2. Who can participate in the Needs Assessment?

    a. Residents of Richmond who are 18 or older for the phone survey

    b. We will have focus groups for specific populations, including immigrants, parents with children in childcare or needing childcare, and youth.

    3. What will be done with the information once it is gathered?

    The information will be analyzed and compiled into a report and shared with City Council, Staff, and community members. The City is intending to hold a public forum to share the results with the residents. 

    4. What programs and services does Richmond currently offer?

    For a list of the types of service and programs please go to: http://www.richmond.ca/parksrec/overview.htm