Who are “older adults”?

    “Older adults” refers to anyone 55 years or older.

    What is the Older Adult’s Services Plan?

    The Older Adults Service Plan is a document developed with the aim to ensure effective, meaningful and appropriate services, programs, and opportunities are provided for older adults (55+) in Richmond. It is now time to review the achievements of this plan and think about how it needs to be updated to continue to meet the needs of older adults in the City of Richmond.

    Why an “update”?

    Many of the priorities and actions in the first plan are still relevant. Stakeholders (such as older adults themselves, caregivers, and those who provide services to older adults) will be encouraged to reflect on the following questions to help guide the update: 

    •  What City programs and services for older adults have made an impact over the years 2008-2012?
    •  What changes or additions to existing programs and services need to be made?

    What older adult services does the City of Richmond have responsibility for?

    The City works to meet the needs of older adults in relation to such things as: community recreation services; arts, culture and heritage services; affordable housing services; social and community planning; public safety; and transportation planning.

    How will the City of Richmond engage older adults and other stakeholders in the updated process?

    The City of Richmond will be providing a variety of avenues for older adults and other stakeholders to share their ideas for the updated plan including, community mapping exercises to be hosted in various locations throughout the City; focus groups; interviews; a survey of older adults about their needs; and a discussion forum on Let’s Talk Richmond to share ideas.

    When will all this be happening?

    The consultations will be happening over August and September 2014 with the goal to have an updated plan in December 2014.

    How do I learn more about getting involved?

    Look for posters around the City promoting the consultations, or visit the City of Richmond’s website at www.richmond.ca/seniors. You can also contact Mandeep Bains for more information. (t) 604-247-4682. Email: mbains@richmond.ca