How many banners were entered in the contest?

    There were over 500 individual entries in this year's banner contest.

    How were the banners chosen as finalists?

    20 designs were chosen as finalists by a panel of volunteer community judges in the following manner:

    • First, a panel of community judges was invited to review ALL the submissions from a private, online gallery and choose their top 20 designs that represent the banner contest themes.
    • Next, the judges and City of Richmond staff participated in an in-person or virtual meeting to narrow down their collective preliminary selections to two designs per theme. 
    • Criteria for the 20 finalist selections include:
      • How well does the design / artwork meet the spirit of the theme it represents?
      • Is the resolution of the artwork high enough to meet banner production needs and can the design / artwork be enlarged successfully? 
      • Is the design / artwork bold, colourful and dynamic?
      • Is the design / artwork a NEW take on a similar theme from previous years?

    Once the judging panel reached a consensus on the two final designs for each theme, the banner artwork was paired with a colour coordinated "wordmark" banner and presented to the public for voting.

    How many banners will be chosen as winners?

    One banner from each pair of themed designs will be selected as a winner in the contest. 

    A total of TEN (10) banners will selected by the public for display.

    When will the banners be on display?

    The 10 winning designs will be on display on City of Richmond street poles from March 2023 to February 2024.

    Is there a prize for winning?

    Yes. A $300 honorarium will be awarded for each of the selected designs.

    Does the City own the artwork?

    The artist retains sole copyright to his/her artwork. The City of Richmond has unlimited reproduction rights to all contest submissions as stated in the contest rules on the website.

    Who was eligible to enter the contest?

    The contest was open to everyone, of all ages, as long as the submitted design / artwork reflected the City of Richmond and the contest themes.

    Note: All photography submissions were reviewed carefully and MUST have been taken in Richmond for judging consideration. Obvious non-Richmond images were removed from preliminary judging as per contest rules.

    City of Richmond employees and their family members were ineligible for this contest.

    Can I be notified about participating in the contest next year?

    Yes! If you wish to have your name and email address added to an email notification list about the Annual Street Banner Contest, please send an email to