Why would you nominate Steveston’s waterfront?

about 3 years ago
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  • ourtown over 3 years ago
    -- it's deep and primary contributions to the early prosperity of B.C.'s economy -- information about the historically significant role of Japanese Canadian pioneers in the fishing industry; in exploration of fishing sites and in finding and establishing markets -- contributing to current Canadian adeptness in global relations through its pioneering of interracial and intercultural traditions of Canadians working, living, being educated and sharing their knowledge together -- its scenic beauty for subsequent tourism -- its advantageous position on the Pacific frontier for early trade
  • bquail over 3 years ago
    Steveston has a collection of amazing industrial heritage buildings. Let's not lose them!
  • D3 over 3 years ago
    I would nominate Steveston's waterfront due to its long history of the service from first Nations to present.