How can technology or social media be used to better connect and engage with this generation of youth?

almost 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

The use of social media and smart phone technology has changed the way youth interact with others and will only continue to evolve and serve as a major influence in how they communicate and express themselves.

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  • Benjamin Knight over 9 years ago
    Well a great way to get the youth to actually know what goes on in the community is you need a icebreaker. And their is no better example to show that your facebook page is actually there is MAKE A CONTEST ( ie. Who ever can tell what they want in the community WINS A FREE IPAD! ) That will surley get their attention. And also create a blog that shows events TEENS may ACTUALLY take intrest in, cause when their is a community event, teens won't look in the news or on bulleten boards, TEENS spend like 50% of thier lives online soo why not post it up there and note TEENS don't understand MAJOR words and they want something simple to read ( ie. A OCTOBER FESTIVAL OF PUMPKIN CAVING AND FIREWORKS, becomes HALLOWEEN FESTIVAL, PUMPKIN CARVING, FIREWORKS AND FREE FOOD!)
  • Michael over 9 years ago
    Community is about interaction and the more we employ that minimises face to face scenarios diminshes that developing of relationship. An aspect that is key to healthy community. While one cannot ignore the advantages of communicating "information" it is, in my opinion, irresponsibe not to encourage and foster human interaction------it is not about what you write or what site look at but about how you relate to a person. The City should encourage "live forums of intergenerational discussions" ------