What opportunities can be created to connect older adults to their community?

almost 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

Are older adults already connected?  Are there different programs and services that need to be provided for older adults?  It is important that the City understand older adults' needs and wants, and create connections across cultures and generations.  What opportunities would you create?

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  • ourtown over 9 years ago
    Would like to see ways in which younger residents can experience being with people in senior facilities, or in community centres. Structured events may be needed: Maybe school classes can learn civic responsibility --visit to perform small services, one or two might be allowed to bring a pet. Perhaps seniors can be bussed to see school teams playing. Or maybe youth who wish to serve and make money could be allowed to charge a small fee for a service done at the community centre -- probably routine domestic jobs like shoe polishing.
  • Benjamin Knight over 9 years ago
    Older Adults can feel more connected in the community is by creating events that THEY might want to do, like painting classes at the community centre, or creating more community gardens enabling them to grow their own food and meet new people along the way. And how about Senoir Oriented Sports like tennis or yoga classes at the community.
  • Bazil over 9 years ago
    A suggestion: With the cutback in staff at Libraries and lack of Daycare centers, I believe that our older adults could provide a worthwhile service by running daycare centers within the library as well as provide Library services.
  • ourtown over 9 years ago
    Would like to see community centres be value-added, offer more, be more enticing. Can they offer free or low-cost coffee/tea, for example, sell other things like healthy cookies (venue for small entrepreneurs). Objections include-- more training and staff for any rowdy behaviour by youth who traditionally have less money, demeaning for staff to make drinks and clean up, cost of beverages... Advantages include-- place to meet people or freedom to bring reading, laptop, affordable!, hopefully comfortable and safe, close-by. Coffee shops -- why are they always so jammed? Maybe make subsidized, commercial arrangement with coffee company.