Natural Environment: Why do you value Richmond's natural environment?

about 7 years ago
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Clearly, Richmond residents appreciate the City's natural environment: In a recent survey "84% of respondents said the City should make more of an effort to protect and enhance environmental areas and features."  Why is Richmond's natural environment important to you? 

  • Rooting for a liveable city over 9 years ago
    Richmond was known as the Garden City.. then we advertised ourselves as "an island city by nature". I cycle around our city and see developers who have built ugly buildings and stripped the land of trees and greenery. Even in my own neighbourhood, folks are building to the maximum allowable and cutting down trees. My yard has a mature Oregon Maple, many shrubs and small trees. This spring I had a family of chickadees, a family of robins and a woodpecker all living in my small backyard. You don't find this without trees.Out front we have ducks and some muskrats that live in our moat (a.k.a. ditch), yet every new developer fills in the ditch, not realizing that they are eliminating wildlife habitat.Our city planners need to figure out how to incorporate nature into our neighbourhoods, not just in parks.
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    • Yew over 9 years ago
      I agree. They also need to do it consistently in parks. A good example of where they've got it right is Terra Nova Rural Park. They seem to have observed what was there and appreciated it and, at least so far, brought out the best in it. In some cases, parks that used to be used for organized sports (until so many artificial turf fields were added) could have their playing fields better maintained, with the effect of minimizing the loss of natural areas for sports purposes (which are important purposes too).
  • Lulufamilyfitness over 9 years ago
    As an owner of an outdoor fitness company, Stroller Strides, I am lucky enough to be in our great parks, trails and paths everyday with young families of Richmond. Not many places where you can exercise safely outdoors with our panoramic views. I encourage everyone to get out there and enjoy this great city with all of its geographical beauty.
  • Olga over 9 years ago
    Natural environment is one of the most important sides of the livability that leads to longevity and contributes to the quality of life, lessens stress of the urban life and makes one town different from another. High-rises are all the same.
  • Sparky over 9 years ago
    When we first came to BC in '74, we went immediately to the west dike, now Terra Nova, and enjoyed the beautiful vistas and easy accessibility. This is rapidly changing and not for the better. We are losing easy access to our dikes and our vistas as these are being turned into view corridors by the planners. Shame on them.
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    • Daisies over 9 years ago
      For downtown Richmond people the only vista is from around Garden City Lands, like from Westminster highway and Garden City road. The city should put better paths around that open space parkland. There could later be paths through it when the city knows how to build them without damaging valued plants and wildlife that live there. There should not be big buildings in the Garden City Lands vista like the arenas and swimming pools the two married councillors suggested when the city was buying that green space that we have always had. There are plenty of arenas and swimming pools in City Centre area for City Centre people. Why do no councillors suggest building more in other areas of Richmond? Why do they not suggest Terra Nova natural area? Of course that is a bad idea, and it is a bad idea to do the same thing in our open space parkland with vistas in City Centre area. People who live in City Centre area deserve as much respect as people who live in Terra Nova area and other areas.