Parks: Is your neighbourhood park just a space or a special place?

about 6 years ago
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Parks play a critical role in building a sense of community as areas to socialize as well as places for physcal activity and environmental features. What improvements can be made to your local park to encourage even more use, to improve the environment and be distinct to your neighbourhood?

  • sschroeder over 9 years ago
    Richmond has great parks! Maintaining and updating will be important.
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    • Mr Tubs over 9 years ago
      very the Citys rush to fill itself with even more new condos we need to remember people need adequate and well maintained park space
    • Rooting for a liveable city over 9 years ago
      Many Richmond parks are attached to schools or have a lot of space allocated to play fields (baseball, soccer). We don't have enough parks that are devoted to nature. I'm fortunate to live within 10 minutes of the Terra Nova park. I sure hope that the Garden City Lands will be developed into Richmond's version of Stanley Park or New York's Central Park.
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      • Yew over 9 years ago
        I agree! New York's Central Park and Vancouver's Stanley Park are large refuges in/adjoining the city centres. Each was set aside with great foresight. Each captures the character and soul of its city. The Garden City Lands have been confirmed (twice in fact) as belonging in the Agricultural Land Reserve, and they can fill the Stanley/Central Park role in permitted ways. Our city is the child of the Fraser, and the Garden City Lands, by accidents of history, include one of the best remnants of the peat bog that helped form Richmond, and it can be restored to preserve that heritage. Along with that ecolical heritage theme, it can reflect and renew our agricultural heritage, both in the restored peat bog and in other parts that can't easily be restored in that way. With trails and public education/direction (to avoid damage to habitat and foodland), all parts of the Garden City Lands can be accessible for the City Centre people, the rest of the community, and tourists, including agritourists and ecotourists. Whether or not the Garden City Lands can draw as many tourists as Stanley Park, this Richmond-owned open area can at least be a hub and featured destination that enables the rest of agritourism, heritage tourism, and ecotourism sites in Richmond to be increasingly successful.I also hope that the Garden City Lands will be the Richmond Centre version of Terra Nova Rural Park and Natural Area. Terra Nova and Garden City would be complementary, two expressions of the same incredible vision.
    • Olga over 9 years ago
      I disagree that Richmond has great parks, they are very small and overcrowded. Most Metro Vancouver municipalities have access to the great parks, but not Richmond, our pars increased in the number but not in the prorated footage. Our best walk is atop of the pipe in Iona park or a narrow dyke between the houses and the non-accessible march area- ridiculous.
  • Olga over 9 years ago
    I do not have a neighborhood park withing walking distance. I live in the City Centre area. I think that the pace of development have to be balanced with the creation of parks and new development permits have to be issued only after the completed ones are provided with the park space according to the park rate and within walking distance (which is 500 m according to the standards).
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    • losttrekker over 9 years ago
      Minoru Park? It's in City Centre :-)
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      • Olga over 9 years ago
        With all due respect - as I already mention, walking distance is considered to be 500 m, I live in about 2 km distance from the Minoru park - as do thousands of the City Center people.
  • Maria over 9 years ago
    I love my little local school park, with its little wading pool in the summer, and lots of trees to run around and explore. I love being walking distance to the west dyke and biking distance to Terra Nova. The Nature Park is also fantastic. All these places I'm sure would love an influx of money - doesn't everybody?. And I hope that everyone in Richmond has access to and more importantly uses such lovely places.
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    • Richmondman over 9 years ago
      I do have a little school park within walking distance, but it is not 24/7 open for the neighbours. We cannot use it on the school days, we cannot use it during school construction. We need to wait for 2-years until the new school finish.
  • Benjamin Knight over 9 years ago
    OKAY, as you may know the Garden City Lands have been bought by the City Of Richmond, yet nothing has happened to it, I understand that those things that may stop, BUT PLEASE TURN THAT INTO A PARK, IT WILL HIGHLIGHT AND LET THE NAME GARDEN CITY LIVE UP TO ITS NAME, and all my neighbours agree in Alexandra Gardens that this will be a great park, besides this will really make the City Core have an actual Central Park.