What do you think about allowing different types of housing in the City’s single-family residential areas?

28 Jul 2014
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granny flat

The types of housing the City is considering are coach houses, granny flats and duplexes on lots not located along a major arterial road. The City is considering extending these housing options to single-family residential areas. (The existing 1999 OCP already allows a variety of housing types in Richmond’s single family residential areas. This is occurring now on some major arterial roads and in certain neighbourhood outside the City Centre).

  • A coach house is a self-contained dwelling located above a detached garage in the rear yard.
  • A granny flat is a detached, self contained dwelling located on the ground floor in the rear yard.
  • A duplex is two self-contained dwellings located either” (1) side by side, or (2) front and back.

(See the OCP housing choice survey for more details).

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