Transportation: How can we make taking transit easier for you?

about 6 years ago
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The Canada Line is a great catalyst to get more people taking transit.  Can you get to the system by bus from where you live?  Would more bus routes in Richmond help?  Where are you going?  Where are you coming from?

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  • Mr Tubs over 9 years ago
    more express buses between Richmond and other City's eg New West, Burnaby etc. All transit is focused on getting people quickly in and out of Vancouver...what about express buses between new west Burnaby, surrey, delta etc and Richmond. I commute to Richmond from new west and its just impossible to take the bus without committing three hours to traveling per incentive for me. Taking the bus just becomes an ordeal
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    • Rooting for a liveable city over 9 years ago
      I work in Burnaby close to Swangard Stadium and I have to agree that Translink has not done a stellar job in making my trip there easy, even with the introduction of the Canada Line. Unforturately, our geography, population density and ridership makes some of these routes economically challenging.
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      • Mr Tubs over 9 years ago
        good point re: economic liability of routes...perhaps Translink could bring in some express buses on a trial basis for set periods of gauge potential ridership.
  • windjammer over 9 years ago
    Need a route from steveston to west part of vancouver + ubc via west richmond + airport. Not everyone going to vancouver is going to cambie street/downtown and canada line is just a huge waste of time for people going directly from west richmond to west vancouver. Also need more express buses. Why do buses in richmond stop every 2 blocks?I miss 491/490/488 98B, etc.
  • 86Alex2010 over 9 years ago
    The rail rights of way along Railway Ave. and Shell Rd. are a hot topic. While the Railway Ave. corridor has been vacant for years, the Shell Rd. corridor is potentially about to be abandoned within a decade. With the Canada Line's recent arrival to Richmond Centre, those rail corridors could be an excellent oppurtunity for southward expansion. Steveston is definately a destination for the Railway Ave. route. The Shell Rd. route is ideal to head towards South Delta, which could reduce Massey Tunnel traffic. (The line could possibly terminate near Ladner Leisure Centre and have South Fraser bus routes tranfer there) The Shellmont neighbourhood has room for densification and could benefit from the line, as well as Ironwood plaza, Transit Depot and Riverside Industrial Park, and even the proposed Fantasy Garden redevelopment. What do you fellow Richmondites (and possibly South Delta people) think of this idea?
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    • 86Alex2010 over 9 years ago
      Who's on board for Canada Line Southern extension?
  • RmdPaul over 9 years ago
    Putting in sidewalks on River Road from No. 4 Road to the River Rock skytrain station. Right now there is no sidewalk & almost no shoulder on that stretch. With all the commercial trucks rumbling down river road, it gets quite dangerous especially during winter when it is dark so early.
  • Sparky over 9 years ago
    Provide pay parking for City Residents at Templeton Station in Burkville. The time to take the bus and then the train is excessive when compared to driving. If parking at Templeton was available I would reconsider my position.