Transportation: What else is needed to help you get out of your car?

almost 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

Beyond improved transit and more bike routes, what other key changes are needed to make our transportation system more environmentally friendly today and for generations to come?

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  • Richmondman over 9 years ago
    Please improve the traffic light system, let the traffic flows smooth. Cut down stopping time at intersections, construct more roads and parking space not only save driving time but also save gas.A poor example is cut the River Road into two parts by Oval.
  • Olga over 9 years ago
    Make fare cheaper and people will use it. Right now for people that live in Richmond it does not make any sense to take a subway to the airport esp. if you travel as a family as it is two zone trip.Add third car to the trains - it was created to accommodate that if needed but now everyone seems to have forgotten about it, when people have to stay all their trip to work they will take a car instead.
  • daruma over 9 years ago
    Car sharing such as The Car Co-op makes it possible to live without owning a car (and therefore cut down on unnecessary trips) but still have one available for those times when a vehicle is needed or wanted. The Car Co-op also makes Hybrid vehicles available, which can be out of reach economically otherwise. A shared bicycle system like the one in Paris would also encourage people to cycle, particularily if bicycles can be returned at different locations than they were borrowed from - it can be a hassle to transport a bike on transit and one might not be headed directly home afterwards etc. An important thing is to create small communities where amenities are within walking distance. If I can complete my errands on foot with merchants I know and trust, get some exercise at the same time and feel like a part of a neighbourhood, I'm much more likely to leave the car at home. (This means no Walmart.)
  • Richmondman over 9 years ago
    I like the setted question is "get out" of your car not "get rid" of your car. As many people have no fixed workplace e.g. salesperson, tradesperson, post carrier, community nurse and ... they have to use a car for work. The family with senors/children also need a car for medical check, schooling, shopping and recreation use. Most of the residents are classified into the above categories. Any new bylaws or public education cannot reduce the number of vehicles, but you can reduce the use of car. We need more small business within our neighbourhood, please don't put everything along No. 3 Road. UBC & SFU set a good example for us, their residents have their own community mall for the daily service and supply. As a friend told me he use Saveway almost for everything because he move to a house just 1/2 block away from the Saveway mall.