Parks: What is a park? What is a green space?

02 Feb 2014
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

In the OCP survey, you said that you value Richmond's GREEN SPACES as well as Parks (see the OCP survey questions and answers below).  Green spaces is not a term that the City typically uses to refer to its parks. We use the terms "parks" and "open spaces" and definitions for both are provided below.  We are seeking clarification on what you mean by the terms "parks and "green spaces".  Are they the same thing or different?

City definitions for parks and open space

Parks: all traditional outdoor spaces that are used by the public primarily for recreational and leisure uses. They range in size and function from destination parks (Garry Point), environmental parks (Nature Park), athletic parks (Hugh Boyd), school/parks in a neighbourhood to small City Centre parks (Land Park).

Open Spaces: public spaces such as dyke trails, greenways, small urban plazas, undeveloped road right-of-ways, boulevard, and spaces between buildings.

OCP SURVEY questions:

Question 22 "my top three exciting changes that I would like to see in Richmond in the future are"...The No. 1 answer was "increase the number of parks" and "more green space". 

Question 23 "my top three favorite things that I wouldn't want to see changed in Richmond are:"... Again, the No. 1 answer was dyke trails and green spaces. 

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