Proposed OCP Concept Vision, Goals and Objectives

about 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded

To help move Richmond towards a more sustainable future, the vision, goals and objectives in the proposed 2041 OCP Concept provide the direction necessary to begin to draft the OCP Update. Do you agree?

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  • Olga about 9 years ago
    Proposed 2041 OCP Update Concept proposes to create the new entity - a Neighbourhood Heart, as it is said in its Part A: Develop a varied range of distinct higher density mixed-use neighbourhood centres, outside the city centre.

    But outside the City Centre the park allowance per one new citizen is not the reduced one as in the City Centre but the full one. In my understanding these areas already feel the shortages of the park space due to the multiple subdivisions and density bonuses that are being awarded every now and then. The real situation with the parks allowance now is not known as it is only getting verified every 5 years and with the fast pace of the housing development like it is now it creates a very dangerous situation - the developers are happily using all the issued development permits but later we are going to face to spend a fortune to satisfy the park needs - or give up the quality of life. Also there are often simply no significant parcels of land available for the purchase by the City to turn it into the park land. What is the hidden plan here - to build the high density rings around the shopping plazas and simply present the people with the fact that there is no park land to offset the growth or to cut the park land allowance as it was done in the city centre?

    Before we proceed with the approval (or disapproval) of the Proposed OCP, we need to change the procedural requirements and allocate the park land before the development permit is issued and if there is no park land, then - sorry, there is no permit to increase the density (especially with the bonuses of additional density for the beautification of the area - did anyone count how much it really cost to the city if the developer builds the side walks and such and gets the bonus density and after that we need to buy more park land to satisfy more people. The land is very expensive now and we might be better off building the side walks by ourselves). We also need to verify the park land allowance every year instead of every 5 years to avoid the collision between the fast pace of the housing development and high cost of the land accrual for the parks.